Welcome To Birmingham Tuition Centre

Why Birmingham Tuition Centre?

Birmingham Tuition Centre aims to equip students with skills needed to make a real difference as individuals. It’s vision is to help students reach their full potential and thus, we motivate them to achieve academic success.

BTC has an exceptionally outstanding pass rate and provides a quality service that incorporates the core subjects: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The tutors at Birmingham Tuition Centre are dedicated specialists and pursue a strong passion to educate their students. The centre offers a fusion of productive help, support and creative teaching methods, to allow all students to unlock their talents and key into their full potential.


About Us

BTC established itself in 2008 with a clear vision to create a community where students strive academically, feel a sense of fulfilment and enrich themselves through hard work and success.

Since then, we continue to pride ourselves on the welcoming and approachable atmosphere we have created; making education an enjoyable, beneficial and moral enterprise. Throughout the years, we have welcomed students from diverse backgrounds with varying abilities and supported them so they can achieve their ambitions.

We continue to motivate all of our students and teach them the value of education through perseverance, hard work, dedication and commitment. It is our firm belief that students gain knowledge from a broad and balanced curriculum, which will enable them to achieve their grades at the highest possible level.

We take great pride in offering tuition on a one to one basis or in small groups consisting of no more than eight students. We have two reputable centres that offer excellent facilities and create a warm, friendly atmosphere where our students can learn effectively.

Our staff members are fully qualified and between them they have a combined teaching experience of over 60 years. Our diligent attitude and passion towards teaching has led students to blossom and allowed the centre to go from strength to strength over the years, hence enabling us to thrive to become a competitive and recognised establishment.

Dear prospective students and parents,

I welcome you to Birmingham Tuition Centre, and ensure you that our website will provide you with an insight into the high quality of education we offer at our institution. Here at Birmingham Tuition Centre, my team and I endeavour to cater for all students and we welcome them from all faiths, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds; we provide equal opportunities for both breadth and depth of study and continue to build the strong academic legacy we have created. Our aspiration is to maintain a solid and authentic academic foundation for our students and we aspire to be an educational centre of the future.

We have currently established ourselves as a private Sixth Form, catering for approximately fifty full time students per year. Our Sixth-Form students are educated by highly skilled staff members whose commitment, attitude and determination are highly commended by both students and their parents alike.

My vision is to ensure that each and every student reaches their full potential and achieves the highest form of success that is possible. I believe every child has the chance to succeed once they have received the correct guidance and motivation to excel. I encourage students to aim high and promote their own unique talents and gifts. I believe our establishment owes its success to the small close-knit community we have established where learning is challenging, yet fun and inspirational.

I assure you that BTC attains the highest standards and encourages self-achievement for all its students. We provide amazing opportunities to broaden our students’ horizons and enable them to progress towards upcoming important stages in their lives. I wholeheartedly invite you to attend our centres in order to gain firsthand experience of what we are able to offer.

Omar Masood

(Director Of Studies)

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Commitment To Excellence