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Name Of Tutor Subject & Levels Taught
Aaisha Masood KS2 up to A-Level Mathematics
Anila Chohan GCSE Chemistry and Biology A-Level Biology and Chemistry
Marya Bibi KS2 up to GCSE English
Qamar Hussain KS2 up to GCSE Sciences and Maths
Omar Chaudri GCSE and A-level Biology
Omar Masood GCSE and A level Mathematics
Omar Qureshi GCSE and A-Level Physics and Mathematics
Cherise Nicholls GCSE and A-Level English
Umar Ahmed GCSE and A-Level Chemistry
Usman Masood KS2 up to GCSE English

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We are pleased to inform you that BTC now offers an online service for both internal and external students. This service is provided via email and is designed so that specialist tutors can answer any academic queries that students may have. All queries must correspond to the relevant subject tutor and students must not exceed the maximum limit of three questions per session. Please note that question content and length may vary between subjects; hence if any tutor believes the presented question exceeds the allowed amount, they retain the right to decline the question at their own discrepancy.

Our tutors aim to answer all queries within 24 hours, and will contact students via email if there any extenuating circumstances preventing them from doing so.

Please note this service is free for a limited period of time only. It does not include proof reading, coursework moderation or excessive assistance with homework. In addition, tutors retain the right to refuse any question they deem as inappropriate.

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