A Level Physics

“In Physics, you don’t have to go around making trouble for yourself – nature does it for you.”Frank Wilczek

Without Physics, the world and the way in which it works would have no purpose. It may come as surprise to know that the internet as we know it, was first created by a physicist. A-Level Physics provides students with the opportunity to explore the advanced notions which are entailed within the course. It builds upon the topics introduced in GCSE such as magnetism, electricity, waves and forces. The transition between GCSE and A-Level can seem discouraging but we can assure that the concepts are built upon gradually to allow students enough time to grasp the concepts at a high standard. Some of these concepts are summarised briefly below:

  • Quantum phenomena such as the harmonic oscillator
  • Mechanics, such as projectile motion
  • Superposition of waves and other in depth analysis of waves
  • Astrophysics which includes the classification and composition of stars in space

Physics A-Level undoubtedly offers a challenge for students who will benefit greatly from the course if they wish to pursue careers such as Optometry, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.