Tuition Classes

Does your child require academic support, or guidance with their education? Are you seeking a tutor for them? Or are you seeking tuition for yourself?

Well, BTC can assist you! Here at BTC we have established evening and weekend tuition sessions for external students providing them with the appropriate stimulus to facilitate their learning and support the education they receive at their institution.

We encourage students to reach their academic potential and improve their self-development in order they may excel in the future.

There are two routes that students can select when obtaining tuition. They are as follows:

Route One 1 to 1 Tuition:

11+ to GCSE level: £25 per hour

AS and A-Level: £30 per hour

Undergraduates: £40 per hour

Route Two: Group Sessions:

Groups of 4: £17.50ph for GCSE (Sessions are two hours).

Groups of 4: £22.50ph for A level (Sessions are two hours).

Groups of 12: £15ph for GCSE (3 hours for £40).

Groups of 12: £20ph for A level (2 hours for £30).

Our current group sessions are displayed below:


For the new academic year, we will no longer be having Primary level group sessions, instead all SATS and 11+ sessions will be taken on a 1-to-1 basis.



GCSE English and Maths: 10:00-13:00*

GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics: 14:00-17:00*


GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics: 10:00- 13:00*

GCSE English and Maths: 14:00-17:00*



AS- Thursday 18:00-20:00

A2- Tuesday 18:00-20:00


AS- Biology Tuesday 18:00-20:00

A2- Biology Thursday 18:00-20:00


AS- Chemistry Monday 18:00-20:00

A2- Chemistry Monday 18:00-20:00



*All GCSE classes will be split, with year 9/10 pupils in one class and Year 11 in another.

All classes will commence from Saturday 19th September 2020.