GCSE Biology

“Biology will relate every human gene to the genes of other animals and bacteria, to this great chain of being.”Walter Gilbert

Biology sits at the forefront of life sciences, reflecting the study of living organisms, incorporating understanding of species, human biology, plant biology and the environment. Not only does the subject provide a far reaching knowledge base, it provides technicalities that can be applied to a diverse range of careers. Careers with a key core of biology are too large to number, but vary in interest from Medicine to Biotechnology to Zoology. The aim of the GCSE based course is to provide a core foundation in Biology, which will prepare the individual for the rigours of Higher Education and the careers that follow.

The GCSE qualification for Biology serves as a basis to truly introduce the student to the broad knowledge base required for the subject. This is highlighted by the diversity in topics taught and the depth by which these topics are tackled. The qualification acts as either a springboard for further education or provides the foundations expected of students from mainstream education. The curriculum provides far reaching coverage of the major aspects of human biology, plant biology and environmental biology. Alongside this, a portion of the course is set aside for experiments and investigations used to further scientific understanding. The subject is assessed by examination and practical assessment.