Crash Courses

We currently offer crash courses for both internal and external A-Level students. These courses are subject specific (i.e comprise of core subjects only) and are designed for those students who want to achieve a high grade in their A-level exams and finish the course effectively in a short space of time. The courses take place during holiday periods in December, February and April i.e. Christmas, Half-Term and Easter Holidays.

Crash courses can be convenient and cost effective however they do not suit everyone. Students considering a crash course must therefore be aware of the following:


To enrol yourself onto an AS-Level crash course you must have achieved at least a grade B or above at GCSE level. Similarly to enrol yourself onto an A2-Level crash course, you must have achieved at least a grade B or above at AS-Level.

Example AS-Level Biology Crash Course A2-Level Mathematics Crash Course
Entry Requirement GCSE Biology: Grade B or above AS-Level Mathematics: Grade B or above



Students are assessed by their relevant subject tutors and the director of studies. Assessment lessons are booked for every student prior to the crash course and individual feedback is provided. This is an excellent opportunity for students to meet their crash course tutor and present their queries. Once students have been assessed they are booked for a crash course at the discretion of both their tutor and the director himself. All assessments take individual requirements into consideration.


A typical crash course usually consists of several double periods throughout the day with regular breaks in-between. Courses begin in the morning and can sometimes last until late evening. Our crash course tutors will cover the entire syllabus for particular subjects and will examine their students’ progress throughout the course. All students are expected to complete rigorous and challenging assessments throughout each crash course and must complete a course once it has commenced.


Crash courses take place in both our centres. Students must the attend the centre on Stratford Road for AS and A2-Level Mathematics and Physics crash courses. Crash courses for all other subjects occur in our centre on Robin Hood Lane.


To gain further insight into some of the crash courses we offer, we have uploaded the following exemplar timetable for our current A2-Level Mathematics crash course:



coming soon



BTC is expanding its courses regularly and as such we hope to offer crash courses for other subjects in the near future. For further information and for any queries you may have please click here.